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"The Red Priest"

⦁ The Red Priests ⦁
I created the images which I stared last December 2020 and I am uploading now with other keyframes as well. In the recent world, mankind is no more in the world. the red priests who discovered the gate of death in the desert of Phalam. Red priests have the motive to recreate a circle of life, but they have to start from death, so following clues to the origin of mankind they soon realize they are on the wrong path and there are more puzzles to solve. These are establishing all the shots for a live-action movie and video games.
This is just an experimental visual development process which is finding out how can I solve more problems and create the best and fast process for Vis Dev. I'm still not that much happy with the result because I am still pushing myself every day to find out the better result. This project gives me to go out of my comfort zone and refresh me into my creative workflow process. Also, I am very thanks full for having such great friends who gave the best critiques for the best flow.
My question is, would you like to see my more experiments in the vis dev process?
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