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“R A U N G U”

Creature: Raungu

Story: The creature is like its name. It means the cartilage of living things. This deadly creature lives in swamps. If a creature accidentally passes through its predation zone, it will attach itself to your body without you knowing it. Acts like a parasite, slowly taking control of it's host. In about a day or so the biological appearance of the host will change, becoming like Ruangu during this time. Attached organisms become extremely aggressive. They prey on whatever they see for nourishment. It bursts from the host after taking all the nutrients from the organism. The host's size will determine how long it takes for Raungu to absorb all nutrients before moving on to the next, larger host.


Average body size is about 15 centimeters in length, although it can grow to larger sizes based on nutrition
Mushroom shaped
Tendrils for movement
Soft exterior like jelly fish to help fit into small spaces
Active most during the night
Dark coloration to help camouflage and stalk prey
Sacks full of neurotoxin to inject into host to take control of the host's body